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The Co-operators supports 15 organizations that help vulnerable people



7 September 2017 13:30

The Co-operators has recently announced that the company will award grants totaling $ 366 $ 500 to 15 organizations in Canada that promote access to work for marginalised young people and people with mental health problems.

Through its Fund for community economic development (CED), the insurer supports organizations that play an important role in responding to the unmet needs of their community.

«It is a pleasure to support organizations such as Ignite have an impact also positively on the lives of young people and, in so doing, build more inclusive communities, and more resilient, says Rob Wesseling, president and chief executive officer of Co-operators. Every day, across the country, community-based organizations offer services that help Canadians to develop their autonomy and their financial self-sufficiency and build a better future for themselves and their family. «

Here are the organizations that will receive a grant from the DEC Foundation the Co-operators in the framework of this phase of funding :

Choices for Youth — St. John’s (T.-N.-L.) : 30 000 $ (every year for 3 years)
The funds received will contribute to the employment programs of the social enterprises that Choices for Youth operates, including the production centre Project Sucseed, which provides a supportive environment, one-onone support, a job training and employment to at-risk youth.

Co-op Open Sky — South East Region (N.-B.) : 30 000 $ (every year for 3 years)
Open Sky provides hosting services, professional training and strengthening of personal abilities to young adults struggling with social problems, or mental health. The funds received will contribute to the project Roots of Resilience.

Cooperative Elsipogtog Youth — Dieppe (N.-B.) : 20 000 $
By the creation of a work cooperative, Elsipogtog Youth build, and operate a farm business growing vegetables and other food that will be sold at the grocery store co-op local.

Destination Work of the South-West of the island of Montreal — LaSalle (Qc) : 20 000 $
Destination Work with marginalized young people who are struggling to integrate socially, especially because of mental health problems or drug addiction or severe learning difficulties, and help them to develop their employability and social integration.

Spectrum of street — Montreal (Qc) : 30 000 $ (every year for 3 years)
The name of the program TAPAJ Spectre de rue «means» alternative work paid by the day «. This program targets youth who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and provides them with various opportunities for paid work in the day to contribute to their social and economic integration.

Working for Change — Toronto (Ont.) : 30 000 $ (every year for 3 years)
Over the past two decades, Working for Change was founded five social enterprises that offer employment and training to people who have mental health problems. The organization wants to focus on the expansion of its catering services and hire more staff.

PARK — — The Silver Brush Toronto (Ont.) : 20 000 $
PARC supports people struggling with mental health problems or who are at risk of homelessness. The organization will form a partnership with The Silver Brush, a social enterprise that employs people for maintenance of real estate and make other services, especially to other social agencies and the sector of social housing in Toronto.

Weston Frontlines Centre — Toronto (Ont.) : 16 500 $
Frontlines is a community drop-in centre established in an area of Toronto where the population is considerably poor. The funds received will be used in the program Catering Careers, which offers eight weeks of culinary training to young people who must overcome a barrier to employment.

Roots to Harvest — Thunder Bay (Ont.) : 30 000 $ (every year for 3 years)
Roots to Harvest works with youth who are marginalized and difficult to reach, which must overcome a barrier to employment and academic success. The organization is focusing on the employment, engagement, and education serving agriculture food and urban to reach these young people. The funds received will go to programs designed to empower the trainees to improve their employability and that they weave a network.

Fort Whyte Alive — Winnipeg (Man.) : 30 000 $ (every year for 3 years)
Fort whyte Alive operates farms FarmWhyte, a social enterprise that follows the practices of urban agriculture and sustainable to strengthen the skills and employment preparation of young people to the city centre. His program provides a basic competency in agriculture, a programme of internships and summer jobs, a leadership program and mentoring, as well as the opportunity to contribute to Harmony Honey, a cooperative run by young people.

Autism Resource Centre — Regina (Sask.) : 20 000 $
The Autism Resource Centre (ARC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to meet the needs of young people with autism so that they can achieve their full potential, become empowered and get involved in their community.

Ignite Adult Learning Corporation Foundation, Regina (Sask.) : 30 000 $ (every year for 3 years)
Ignite assists at-risk youth to become self-reliant citizens and productive through FLAMES, which promotes the learning of skills useful to employment and includes 32 weeks of work in-house, and 11 weeks of internship at a third party employer.

Family Services of Greater Vancouver — Keeners Car Wash — Vancouver (C.-B.) : 15 000 $
Keeners Car Wash is a social enterprise that allows homeless youth and those at risk of becoming a job in its car wash mobile. The funds received will allow 10 young people to participate in this unique program of professional experience.

Take a Hike Youth at Risk Foundation, Vancouver (C.-B.) : 30 000 $ (every year for 3 years)
Take a Hike is an alternative education programme full-time that engages at-risk youth through a unique combination of learning based on adventure, education, therapy and community involvement.

Hollyburn Family Services Society — North Vancouver (C.-B.) : 15 000 $
Hollyburn offers a continuum of services to homeless youth to help them to become members resilient community. His training program Wired4Success offers four weeks of classroom instruction, full-time, followed by 12 weeks of professional experience.


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