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The Coalition will bring the employers to reflect on the talents they will need


Hubert Roy

31 August 2017 07:00

Robert LaGarde | Photo : Réjean Meloche

The Coalition for the promotion of professions in the property and casualty insurance primer-a vast construction site. It will probe the employers who contribute financially to its mission to identify the skills they seek in their employees of the future.

Finding workers is already a difficult task in damage insurance. Find who will be skilled with the technologies of today and tomorrow will be another pair of sleeves. That is why the Coalition begins this reflection now. Not only to allow the insurance industry to damages to find the right talent, but also enable educational institutions to train them adequately.

Robert LaGarde, CEO of the Coalition, revealed the project during an interview with the Journal of insurance. The organization will work on during his year 2017-2018. And this announcement comes in the wake where 2016 has marked a record of retirements in the industry.

«It corresponds to the demographic profile. The next five or six years will be intense at this level. The industry has completed 2 154 new hires in 2016, nearing the record set in 2009, which was 2 305 new hires. It is necessary to assist our employers in their needs of workforce, while complementing our tools. «

Recruitment needs under-estimated

A phenomenon has also characterized the Coalition in recent years. Every two years, it conducts an extensive survey to measure the need of manpower in the industry. And for the past three years, it finds that the industry under-estimates its needs for skilled labour. For the next three years, the Coalition believes that the industry will need to fill 5300 jobs in response to departures for retirement among others, and to the growth of the industry.

«There is a need to target more of our strategies to meet the needs. All the world runs after the young people who come out of colleges. It is necessary to take into account that, in Quebec, 17 % of the demand for labour will be met by immigration. It should be positioned. «

The Coalition took the necessary steps in this direction, contributing to thatIntact Insurance is part of an initiative of the Office for the integration of newcomers in Montreal, headed by the City of Montreal and financed by Emploi-Québec. Intact host of newcomers who have relevant work experience in their countries and will contribute to the declaration here using them for a specified period of time.

In addition to the young and immigrants, the Coalition has also strategies to integrate people in career change and young active retirees. And the Coalition continues its efforts to ensure that the cegeps of the Quebec city meet the demand in terms of certified professionals. In the early days of the Coalition in 2002, there were 11 cégeps that offer programs for property and casualty insurance. Fifteen years later, there are 31, including 6 that offer training leading to the diploma of college studies (DEC) in insurance and financial services.

The Coalition has also established partnerships with over 50 organizations across Québec, from the Regroupement des cabinets de courtage assurance du Quebec (RCCAQ) at insurance Bureau of Quebec (LAC) in insurance, the employers Council on Finance Montréal in the business community. Mr. LaGarde is also proud to have recruited the director-general of Finance Montreal, Louis Lévesque, to serve on the board of directors of the Coalition.

See the future

With all these actions over the years, the Coalition account anticipate what the future may hold for employers in terms of damage insurance. The organization seeks to develop the candidate profile sought by employers, as well as the skills he will need to have.

Mr. LaGarde says it is aware that the advent of the autonomous car, artificial intelligence, telematics, economy and sharing of Big Data will have an impact on underwriting. He stresses that the discovery of new indicators that will facilitate the task of the subscribers, but not necessarily of actuaries.

«It is a new reality for the employees. It will be necessary to develop candidates who have the facility with these technologies, but also in regard to social media. Educational institutions will need to adapt their programme to take account of these new needs. They have assured us that they could do so within a period of three to six months once we have expressed our needs. These programs are regularly updated. »

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