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The coexistence of back-office systems makes shouting the need for gateways


Alain Thériault

10 July 2017 07:00

James McMahon and Daniel Guillemette

The back-office systems boast gateways that do not materialize, always, complain to the agents-general, who must often develop themselves to move forward.

At the option of acquisitions, Group financial Horizons ended up with three platforms, back-office different. Force financière Excel using an in-house system and Horizons used VirtGate. Group CMA used AGEman. Horizons chose WealthServ.

Group three platforms only one has required a lot of hard work for a year and a half, and has also forced the general agent to create its own gateways, recalls its president, Quebec, James McMahon. «There were no bridges. We had to create, and put the hand in the left pocket «, he said making allusion to the profits of the company.

This work was important because it was multiple gateways, inter alia, for the issuance of accounting reports monthly and reporting on sales. In the new Web site Backgrounds, bridges are made automatically between WealthServ, the system Mirador enhanced (Excel) and the advisor portal, has revealed to Mr. McMahon.

Aurrea kicks

The CEO ofAurrea Signature, Christian Laroche, says he is exasperated by the lack of communication between the various back-office systems, as those insurers those that offer the assurtechs to general agents. «A general agent must have a system of back-office to ensure its compliance. But the general agents are beginning to have problems with these systems. The gateways, we do not see the color, » he says.

Mr. Laroche said that he hoped a uniform system in which the gateways are established finally. «And we no longer have to undergo the competition between the suppliers of system back office,» he says.

The general agent wishes, as well as the back-office systems speak completely them. They should not only «push» data to the systems of customer management (CRM). They must also receive from them.

«Currently, the adviser must enter into my system AGEman to do the follow-up of its affairs. In an ideal world, the counselor would work in a system where he would have access to everything, its follow-up, his emails, his management system of the customer, etc. that I like data should be able to go directly into his system Kronos «, gives the example of the CEO of Aurrea.

Christian Laroche means iGeny as a model in this sense, but still struggling to open the doors of the insurance companies. Focused on compliance, the system developed and marketed by the firm insurance Diversico provides a track-and-trace transactions, such as verifying signatures, and the completeness of the insurance forms. Such a system might adapt to a system back-office, to assist the employee of the agent general to data processing and to verify the conformity of each transaction.

It would also allow the adviser to make certain transactions at a distance. «These days, a change of beneficiary should be able to be done at a distance, with the electronic signature. Often, insurers refuse then that this is legal. I have the impression that they prefer to see the advisor using the system of the insurer, » said Mr. Laroche.

Gateway tripartite in iGeny

President of Diversico and creator of iGeny, Daniel Guillemette aims to create a gateway that would connect to the one that existed for a year between AGEman and the system of back-office mutual fund VieFONDS Corporation. «It would create a gateway tripartite which would become the only system of end-to-end,» said Mr. Guillemette.

To the insurance component and the investment would add a component to a hybrid of iGeny that provides an area external security-the use of the clients. «There would be the back-office, front-office (front-office), and I’m one floor away by that iGeny speaks to the customer. The client and the consultant can interact in a vacuum. It remains to take the resulting information and send it to the back-office of the general agent, that the carrying to turn to the insurance provider «, he explains.

Operations management

Unlike Kronos, which he describes as a CRM that manages the business development advisors, the system iGeny is evolving more in the context of operations management. «The quality of CRM, iGeny, and Kronos do the same thing. I differs from CRM in that the artificial intelligence behind iGeny is 60 % of the operations assistant, in his place, for example the change of beneficiaries, and the generation of the necessary forms for each company. The system also makes automatic reminder to the customer to sign his form, » said Mr. Guillemette.

To avoid duplicates, the triplons and quadruplons

However, it also has hard words on the gateways. «This term is all the rage, but it’s not working,» said Mr. Guillemette. The gateways create duplicates of information, triplons, quadruplons… » over The acquisitions and 7,000 customers later, it receives the information on the contracts in force from multiple systems, in which the data have been entered in all the right ways. In the names, the uppercase argue to lowercase characters and to the differences in spelling, which creates separate entries that do not have a place to be. The information may also be overlap in the different fields, where it is truncated.

Get all of this in iGeny and make it consistently is impossible, notes Daniel Guillemette. «Our gateway is functional, but the information between through the. For example, an employee of the insurer who did not know the telephone number of the client puts a question mark rather than leave the field blank : the system generates an error signal. When you want to be a professional, you don’t have the choice to return it to the mitten «, he explains.

He observed that technology providers of back-office dedicated to the firms, such as AGEman and VieFONDS, create their files, so » contemporary «. «They format the data in the right way, but when they come from the insurers, it is something else,» observed Mr. Guillemette.

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