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The company supports the Red Cross in British Columbia



July 31, 2017 09:45

In total, Economical Insurance and its employees have contributed nearly $ 12,000 to support the efforts of the canadian Red Cross to assist displaced families due to the severe forest fires in British Columbia. The company has paid an amount of $ 5,000 and has matched employee contributions up to a maximum of $ 100 per employee, reaching a total contribution of 11 730 $.

«Our colleagues across the country have responded quickly and generously, and, thanks to the matching contributions of the company, our total contribution will be added to the ongoing efforts of the canadian Red Cross here in British Columbia,» says Cheryl Edmunson, regional vice president, sales and distribution at Economical Insurance in British Columbia.

«We’re on the ground since the 14th of July to support our customers and broker partners to the command centers for the claims in the area of forest fires,» says Edmunson. We give the money to our customers who have been displaced due to forest fires, so that they are the most comfortable as possible while waiting to return to their home. «

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