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The cost of cybercrime will reach 2 000 $ in 2019


Andrea Lubeck

17 August 2017 07:00

Jean-Philippe Racine

In 2014, the cyber crime has led to damage of 445 billion dollars (G $) across the world. This figure will increase to 2 000 G $ in 2019.

These data are from a report carried out by the firm Juniper Research. It also mentions that the costs related to a breach of data average excèderont $ 150 million by 2020.

If the costs are significant, and that the reward for the hackers can be great, their motivation is not financial, said Jean-Philippe Racine, president of the business of cyber security CyberSwat. «Their first motivation is reputation. It is very important in the hacker community. Rather, it is the organized crime that uses cyber crime for financial gain. They are interested in the next five to ten years and have hired hackers to be able to have the money illegally. «

Personal data and medical information are most in demand

On the black market, the personal data and medical information to the larger values. «This allows the hackers to steal the identity of a person, in particular for issue of the credit in his name «, he adds.

These are the companies that hold personal information of their customers, who are most prey to a cyber attack. «The pirates will attack weaker targets, so the companies that do not have security systems are developed,» says Mr. Root.

Companies can take several precautions to prepare for an attack. First, it is necessary to take the time to update computer systems, be it laptops, enterprise software, or mobile phones.

«If an update is available, it is often to patch up a hole that the manufacturer has detected. Updates, therefore, have a primary importance in the protection against cyber attacks, » says Mr. Root.

Also, make regular backups of the data, to reduce the risk of loss of these data during attacks rançongiciel. One can think of the episodes of WannaCry and NotPetya that have hit in recent months.

Educate employees on cyber security

In addition, Mr. Root states that the companies must educate their employees on cyber security. «Often, cyber attacks occur because a person is not able to identify them, as this is an Internet site that asks for personal information or a corrupt file received by e-mail. Educate them on the precautions to take when they are browsing on the Web is, therefore, necessary. «

Mr. Root added that designing a contingency plan in the event of an attack has its own importance. Train employees to use it if necessary is also critical. «To design a plan and implementing it is two different things. All persons concerned must be able to put the plan to execution. «He added that the changing nature of the attacks should force the companies to change their contingency plan annually.

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