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The costs of drugs will increase by 2018, says Aon



December 18, 2017 09:45

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The costs of drugs are expected to increase in 2018 by more than the increase in inflation rates everywhere in the world, reveals a survey ofAon. This will result in an increase in the costs of health plans sponsored by employers, adds the firm.

The increase of the cost of the medicines expected to reach 8.4 % next year, nearly three times the projected inflation rate, which stands at 3.1 %. The report of Aon analyzes the trends in the cost of the health plans sponsored by employers in 98 countries.

Average increase under 10 % in North America

For the regions of North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe, the rising costs of drugs should be under the bar of 10 %. Europe shows the lowest rate, 5.8 %. The rate of premiums on medical resources are the highest in the countries of the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, with respectively 15.3% and 13.9 per cent.

«Despite the changes in underlying rates regional, all regions are expected to exceed the levels of inflation regional average of nearly four percentage points. According to Aon, the gap between the average trend in global healthcare costs and the inflation rates of the general means has remained greater than five percentage points over the past five years, resulting in an increase in cumulative rating of 69 % from 2013 to 2018, » says the firm in its report.

The aging of the population in question

«The rate of costs of medical continue to increase as a result of many factors, including the aging of the world population, bad living habits in the emerging countries, the transfer of costs of the social programs of health, and the prevalence and use increased of the health plans sponsored by employers,» explains Wil Gaitan, senior vice-president and actuary-global council, Aon. The multinational employers suffer the costs and complexity increased their levels of employee productivity lower because of these factors. «

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