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The costs of flooding is reduced by almost 40 % where the wetlands are preserved



14 July, 2017 13:30

The costs of flooding in urban and rural areas decreased from 29% to 38 % when the wetlands are well preserved, reveals a study by the Center Intact adaptation to the climate of theUniversity of Waterloo.

The researchers compared the economic impacts of a flood in a location where wetlands have been preserved, and a flood where wetlands have been removed using a computer model, using data from insurance claims and provincial estimates of the damage caused by floods in Ontario and Alberta.

The preservation of the wetlands : «a convenient and cost-effective»

«With the most recent episodes of raw waters, it is clear that the costs are human and financial cost of these events are substantial. With the financial burden always to the increase of the floods on the Canadian, it is remarkable that a convenient and cost-effective to alleviate the risk of flooding is available – and whether to preserve the wetlands, » stresses Professor Blair Feltmate, director of the Center Intact and one of the authors of the report.

The study, funded by the ministry of natural Resources of Ontario, and the organization Ducks Unlimited Canada, supports a number of commitments made by the federal and provincial governments on climate change and the conservation of wetlands, adds Mr. Felmate. These areas cover approximately 14 % of the total area of Canada.

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