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«The design of algorithms does not take into account the diversity «, proclaimed a researcher IVADO


Alain Castonguay

11 January, 2018 07:00

Photo : #WOCinTechChat

In the course of his undergraduate studies, Valerie Bécaert, director of partnerships and the mobilization of the knowledge of the Institute of valuation data (IVADO), was very interested in the life cycle of our products and their impact on the environment.

To quantify this impact, there needed to be data. When she had the opportunity to work with mathematicians and researchers who use the data, it has changed domain.

If one wants to understand the needs of customers, monitor the productivity of the organization, to develop predictive models, etc, we must learn how to manage data and analyze it, » she says. Artificial intelligence, a sector in full expansion in the montreal region, does not exist without the data, she insists.

Valerie Bécaert adds that the algorithms associated with the Internet, both search engines like Google than those who manage the flow of social networks, have become powerful information tools. The large Internet companies who design these algorithms have the responsibility to do so respecting the diversity of the population and of the social classes. «For the moment, it is not the case,» she said.

It is not only women who are in an insufficient number of computer, but also ethnic or religious minorities. There is a debate to do, » she adds. People are not enough aware of the traces they leave in the digital world. «Who are we ? Who owns the data we generate in large volume ? »

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