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The drones which assess the state of the roofs are to become a reality



20 July, 2017 09:45

Photo : Unsplash | Goh Rhy Yan

It is now possible to assess the state and in the form of a roof before and after a disaster, thanks to the technology of learning by machine. This is what the business of aerial imagery and data analysis Eagle View wants to offer insurers with the integration of learning technology, machine tools and decision-making ofOmniEarth, acquired in April last, to the solution EagleView OnSite.

This service provides an aerial imagery high-resolution data and analyses support, in particular, of drones via a customizable software available for the adjusters, combined with the service of aerial imagery préévènement Pictometry.

«Eagle View applies the learning process by machine in her pictures, taken pre-event, Pictometry to identify different factors such as the condition of the roof, the shape and other elements, and to annotate the potential damage to the roof in the images captured postévènement. This allows the claims adjusters to make decisions in their office, rather than on the ground, » explains the company in its announcement.

Partnership with a network of drone pilots

For EagleView OnSite, the company has allied with a network of drone pilots to obtain images immediately after a disaster to triage claims at a distance. The learning technology by machine adds to these images, the detection of possible damage by hail, in order to allow a process claim faster and better detection of fraud.

The combination of the two technologies allows you to use less of human intervention in the analysis of the images.

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