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The industry reinforces its presence on the social networks


Mathieu Carbasse

15 June 2017 07:00

At a time when the reputation of a company is measured also by its reputation on the social networks, the Journal of insurance highlights the players most present. And gives voice to the industry.

Because they can transform the customer relationship, while sometimes born of new business opportunities, social networks are profoundly transforming the way in which the various actors of the industry are setting up their communication strategy.

Just like the banks before them, the canadian insurers have realised this and are reporting an increased presence on social networks. Thus, of the 34 insurers studied, they are 100 % to be present on LinkedIn, and 82 % on Twitter, 88 % on Facebook then, they were only 77 % in this case at the same date last year.

Facebook is still in the lead

More specifically, 75 % of the 16 property and casualty insurers taken into account by our study are present on Twitter, 81 % are on Facebook and 100 % have a LinkedIn web page. For the 18 life insurers studied, the figures are quite similar : 89 % are present on Twitter, 100 % on LinkedIn, and now 94 % on Facebook (they were only 72 % in April 2016).

In addition, as for the banking industry (see table on right page), it is Facebook that is the social network preferred insurers. It is important to note that Facebook is the social network the most developed in Quebec, is used by over 72 % of quebec adults (survey of the CEFRIO 2014). It is, therefore, a figure of ideal way to interact directly with the customer.

For all insurers taken into account by the study of the insurance Journal, Facebook collects on average a community of 47 964 people (compared to 40 775 in April 2016), LinkedIn, 13 349 people (7 399) and Twitter, 4 042 people (3 307).

Property and casualty insurers meet on average 69 874 people on their page Facebook (compared to 61 356 in April 2016), 9 592 on LinkedIn (6 928) and 4 742 on Twitter (4 010). For their part, life insurers collect on average 28 487 people on Facebook (compared to 12 906 in April 2016), 16 688 on LinkedIn (7 817) and 3 419 on Twitter (2 683).

Brokers delay

Among the brokers on the other hand, the situation is quite different. Yet faced with the same challenges in terms of relationship to the customer base and awareness of the general public, they have not yet invested massively different social media.

Thus, among the 45 brokerage firms the most important of Quebec, they are only 12 (27 %) to be present on Twitter. They are, however, 31 (69%), LinkedIn and 30 (67 %) on Facebook. There is also no change in terms of presence on social networks compared to the month of April 2016, a sign that the awareness is long to be felt.

Finally, on the side of the general agents, the fact of not being in direct contact with consumers seems to dampen a little the adoption of social networks by players in the sector. On the 20 general agents studied, only 6 (17 %) are present on Twitter, 11 (or 55 %) are on LinkedIn, and 8 (40 %) on Facebook. In this case, these numbers have remained stable from one year to the other.


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Methodology of the study

To carry out the various rankings presented below, the team of the Journal of the insurance, has collected statistics stored may 1, 2017 on the different social. The numbers of subscribers and statements on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, were then added together to get a global audience. It is this last that has been taken into account to develop the rankings.

It is to be noted that to be included in a Top 10, the various organizations (banks, insurers, brokerage firms) must be present on at least 2 of the 3 major social networks. About the agents-general, the adoption of social networks is less widespread, we had to open our ranking of the actors who are at least present on one of the social networks named above.

In addition, regarding the companies that have pages in French and in English (represented by the symbol*), we have the sum of the numbers of subscribers. MC

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