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The intuition for influence beyond the reason


Micheline Bourque

23 April, 2018 07:00

« «Intuition — master card» is a book that we read first of all a line, to familiarize themselves with the concepts, then come back to it regularly… » This board, this is the préfacière of the book, signed by Isabelle Courville, chair of the board of directors of the Laurentian Bank of Canada.

Why ? Because its author, Ginette Gagnon, brings us into the world of the 6th sense, that of intuition. She proposes to us to discover the multiple facets in the ultimate goal to inspire us to develop a way of thinking fluid to act with influence. Curiosity will trigger the first reading, and then you return to deepen your knowledge.

The fluidity of thought is a concept with two components, » says its author. «The power of thought and fluid falls within both of reason and of intuition, the interaction of the two giving access to all knowledge, conscious and unconscious, accumulated over the years. It allows you to maximize your power and you adjust spontaneously to your interlocutors and situations that present themselves. It offers the best chance for success in a context of influence. »

Why be interested in intuition ?

For Ginette Gagnon, a coach certified by theInternational Coach Federation , and Team Coaching International, the subject has imposed itself in the context of research to understand how leaders exercise their influence. She discovers, during her interviews, as if the great leaders are rational, they also trust their intuition.

«Neuroscience teaches us, inter alia, that human thought is the result of a double process in the brain, namely the intuitive process and the reflexive process. «The great leaders admit, they are listening to their intuition.

In the first part of the book, the author examines the human mind, by addressing the intuition as one of its components, and on the mechanisms of the fluidity of thought. These first two chapters are an introduction of the basic elements to understand how to develop their intuition and thus its ability to better influence.

For the business coach, it goes without saying that the development of his ability to influence is an essential goal for any good leader.

Leadeurship and influence are inseparable

«The influence, it is the ascendant which a person performs on his interlocutor,» said the author, and then by quoting Costopoulos, she adds that » The influence, it is the art of guiding the will of others toward a choice or a particular behavior. «

While the first part of the book contained lots of questions of the coach to support our reflections, is that the second part is full of small exercises for self-assessment and practical tools that lead to this thought fluid.

This second section will help you understand what is influence. But also to familiarize yourself as to the models and tactics of influence.

The author covers so wide enough. It stresses the role of knowledge and its importance in a context of influence. «The first skill to master in order to inspire confidence, your knowledge, or your knowledge, but also your know-how about its application. «

The author speaks of the presence and reliability ; two important attributes of influence. It will tell in his words that be present, be in the present moment, it is having the impact. Just as the power to show empathy and how to manage these conflicts adequately. As to the reliability, it is to keep commitments, to persevere in the face of adversity, show consistency, and be honest and loyal. You see, there’s a lot to say.

How to use the influence ?

To make the intuition a trump card as the title suggests, » It is important to cultivate attitudes and adopt behaviors to get you to understand, better evaluate and better use of it. «That’s a nice challenge to the author.

We can change our way of thinking, thanks to the neuroplasticity of our brain. To anyone and everyone who aspires to a leadership role, to you to consider the offer of Ginette Gagnon, who encourages you to see the human mind in a more holistic way and to tame all the dimensions to continue on your journey. Adding a bit of fascination in discovering and recognizing the hand of unexpected that can play to your intuition.

Micheline Bourque is the president and founder of the reading Club business. Its mission : to contribute to the development of business leaders, business people and professionals through activities and discussions around the book business in a perspective of discovery and learning.

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