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The labour market at the time of the milléniaux : the industry must prepare


Jean Blouin

11 May 2018 07:00

Stéphane Simard | Photo : Réjean Meloche

The milléniaux represent the succession of the labour market. As the economy is thriving and unemployment, in free-fall, they have the beautiful role. The industry must prepare.

How to attract, engage and retain them ? A nice challenge in perspective. The insurance industry is particularly concerned. The Day of the insurance, held on the 13th of march last, has dedicated a session.

«Their expectations are different,» explains Stéphane Simard. For them, work is a means of achieving their personal lives. In their minds, there is no border between the two. Their commitment is to the people and not the organization. Their superior ? A mentor. Especially not a boss ! How to handle this ? «

International speaker, author of five books translated into four languages, including the bestseller Generation Y, professional trainer, Stéphane Simard has created some 20,000 managers over the years in order to meet this challenge which comes to every generation, but with specific requirements. He has also worked in executive positions within large and mid-sized businesses. Its capsule in The generator engagement is read by several thousand subscribers every week on the Internet.

«We are past the generation of The Box of surprises (the babyboumeurs) to that of mat (X), and then to those of the Simpsons (the Y) and Télétubbies (Z) ! Even if the differences are more individual than generational, there are trends to attract the under 40 years of age and go searching for the maximum of their potential. I think in particular of the working environment and the meaning of their function. The how and the why. «

Work for themselves and not for the salary

The milléniaux work to learn, to excel, to achieve. The money comes second. What they are looking for, it is a friendly atmosphere and a challenging, team spirit, challenges humans face. And a reason to be rewarding and useful to their work. For example, to find concrete solutions to problems experienced by the people. Help ensure peace of mind around them. In short, the caring. The empathy. And they define themselves as contributors and non-performers. In a survey, 76 % of them responded that «their boss could learn a lot from me,» and only 42 % responded yes to the statement » my boss knows where he is going «.

«There is pronounced why in English, recalls Stéphane Simard. Get ready : the milléniaux question everything. Their answer is in their eyes a mark of respect. Unlike previous generations, they are willing to leave if these conditions are not met. Conversely, they will accept jobs that paid less to fully live these values. People of human resources must adapt and above all, sell their company in this sense as the people of marketing. «

To bet on the performance

He insists on the importance of the journals individual performance as a tool of mobilization. At the same time to stimulate them by recognizing what they do well, but also to change what should be in their work life. What kind of people do you like to work ? What te would you consider above average ? What is it that you love above all ?

«It is also necessary to use a more efficient to fetch the other. Try to find out what has attracted them into the business, what they like, what we should change. Therefore, encourage them to walk and use them to make the changes in their work environment. «

Addicted to technology, their preferred means of communication is the text message tracking social media (Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat) and e-mail. The personal contact is not far behind. But they are primarily action-oriented.

An axiom that summarizes well : «This is not what one knows that counts, but what one does with what one knows. «

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