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The management systems of a firm are transformed into technological ally of brokers


Hubert Roy

23 January, 2018 07:00

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For a long time, the management systems of the brokerage firm have been perceived as an obligation to hold. The change of mindset. The brokers see these systems now as allies to their technology development and digital.

David Larkin, CEO of Software association supplier advisory council, which markets the broker management system Interim Select+, said that the brokers realize that they do not use full use of their system of practice management. Brokers wish to be trained further, » he stressed.

«Those who use it at 50 % its potential want to use it more. They see the efficiency that it can bring. Before, the system of management of the firm was their accounting tool, nothing more, despite the other tools that they had. «

It is now the reverse, he assured Mr. Larkin. To the point that the paper has become a simple support to the technology, » he said.

«It develops a lot of new features. The dealers are open. They want more modules, but also that they form to understand and to use. «

The brokers are also in the search for solutions in real time. «They want several things in the moment. Some want of efficiency in the processes of their employees. For others, it is to offer a better personalized service that premium. It varies from one broker to the other. Be more productive remains a constant in their requests, » said Mr. Larkin.

A necessary evil becomes an investment

Philippe Joassin, vice-president, sales and business development, ofApplied Systems, said that the management systems of the firm were primarily seen as an expense for most dealers. «It was a necessary evil. All that has changed. We did not hear brokers say that they would invest in technology. This is the case today. It is good to hear. This is what we are trying to do, all the more that the brokers want to have a return on their investment. «

His colleague Stephane Lacasse, vice-president of product management and pricing for Canada, notes that several studies around the world show that the costs of the management of a brokerage firm decrease. except for one : that of technology. «The technology leads to reductions of costs in all other areas. «

Mr. Joassin says that the brokers want to automate their processes. They want a lot of integrations to their platform. He points out that 80 % of brokers management system Epic use of the customer space available to them. «This is a beautiful proof that the brokers want to offer their own self-service. If the broker comes to having to make four offers from different insurers, it will have to achieve a high efficiency. «

Mr. Lacasse adds that the broker which offers its own client area can provide an experience to the image of his cabinet. Its customer experience does not vary as well depending on what the offer or not to the insurer. «It does not need to connect two portals. «He adds that Applied Systems is increasingly shifting its developments for the broker control the transaction from one end to the other.

The digital takes the place

In Technology Keal, we hesitate even to speak of the system of management of firm when the time comes to discuss the solutions offered by the company. It is seen primarily as a technology company, said Laurent Nadeau, vice-president of business development.

«It was a management tool first and foremost. Today, we are here to use technology for the benefit of dealers and their customers, » he says.

Mr. Nadeau tells of having met two brokers prospects in the Atlantic which mentioned that they want to change their technology strategy. «It rested before on a approach back-office (back-office), they now want solutions pre-office (front office). And this, in real-time. Young people want to do business on the Internet. «

Mr. Nadeau stressed that the broker seeks, above all, simplicity for the customer. «He wants him to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible. The broker must be able to give the info to the customer when they need it, » he said.

A rating tool should be grafted to this, » said Mr. Nadeau. Keal develops a, which began to be marketed elsewhere in Canada. Quebec will follow in the coming months.

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