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The milléniaux are more likely to travel without insurance



24 July, 2017 11:30

Photo : Unsplash | Bambi Corro

Nearly 45 % (43.4 per cent) of Canadians who say that they do not take out insurance when they travel are milléniaux between the ages of 18 to 34 years, reveals a survey ofAllianz. The survey, conducted by the Conference Board of Canada, also reveals that among the respondents, 81,5 % of them were insured during a recent trip.

Several factors explain the fact that the travelers will not insure, including the fact that they consider insurance unnecessary travel (15,8 %), they believe that it is too expensive (15,3 %), and felt that their trip was too short to justify the underwriting of insurance (at 14.9 %).

A better understanding of travel insurance

«To see these results send a very clear message of the need for young Canadians to better understand the travel insurance. Factors such as the length of a trip does not necessarily make a person safer or less prone to accidents and does not decrease the medical bills incurred if an incident occurs during a trip, » stresses Dan Keon, senior director, market management at Allianz Global Assistance.

However, the figures from Allianz show that 32 % of all claims are made by clients aged 30 years and under, although they have agreed that 21 % of all policies of the insurer.

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