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The national Network of independent advisors becomes Astéris


Alain Thériault

26 January, 2018 13:30

Daniel Guillemette | Photo : Réjean Meloche

After handing in 2017 plans to launch the national Network of independent advisors, Daniel Guillemette has decided to call this collection Astéris, after an analysis marketing, has announced the founding president of Diversico, Expert advice , at a meeting held in its offices in the South Shore of Montreal in front of about thirty people, on January 26, 2018, and attended by the Journal of insurance.

The collection that has just been born is to bring together advisors who agree to disclose their compensation, and refuse any advantage that would place them in a conflict of interest. Diversico will cover the costs of marketing and staffing necessary for the birth of Astéris, but intends to remain independent. Astéris will be a non-profit umbrella.

From scratch

Daniel Guillemette acknowledges that he will need the strength of numbers to Astéris to take off. The organization still does not have even a member, and Mr. Guillemette has had to cancel the event as it was held on the same day, due to the low number of participants.

«This morning, I wanted to test the interest, and I could see that he was at the rendezvous. I’m doing the official launch on 12 April, because it is very difficult to mobilize the advisers during the period of the RRSP, and at a time where several general agents make their events «, he explained during an interview with the Journal of insurance, in the margins of the meeting.


Mr. Guillemette intends to build on a designation of membership, accreditation, which will allow its members to view, such as advocating independence and transparency.

«No one talks of transparency as we intend to do so. All members of Astéris will be advisors who agree to disclose their compensation, life insurance as investment funds. I support non-official of thefinancial markets Authority, which is aware of my approach and gave me information on the best way to do it according to the rules «, he revealed.

Refuse the influence of a supplier

To join Astéris, the adviser will need to have a practice in which he systematically refuses any influence of a supplier, » explains Daniel Guillemette.

«There will be a series of conditions to be met, which remains to be established. Providers have the mission respectable to generate more possible sales for them. Our mission we will be to refuse this pressure, » said Mr. Guillemette. For example, the advisor shall not sell the products of a company during a contest.

Distinguish themselves from the CDPSF and the APCSF

Why another collection when there is already the Council of professionals in financial services (CDPSF) and theAssociation of professional advisers in financial services (APCSF) ?

«The CDPSF pursues the broader mission of fostering the board, regardless of the distribution channel. It has 10 000 members from the Desjardins group. I am aiming for a niche that is more my reality : to protect the independent advice only, » said Mr. Guillemette.

Dissociation of the APCSF

Daniel Guillemette said also to disassociate themselves from the approach of theAssociation of professional advisers in financial services (APCSF), that he qualifies as a claimant. According to him, this approach fulfills its role in the industry. But its future network will fill to promote the independent advice to the public.

«We want people to know that they can do a deal with a bank or an insurer, but that if they want independent advice, they can deal with our members. «

Now a privileged member of the CDPSF through Diversico, Daniel Guillemette considers the chairman of the Board, Mario Gregory, as a partner in its mission to increase the transparency of advisors.

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