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The New leaders in insurance — Claudine Cloutier


Justine Montminy

April 25, 2018 09:00

Vice-president, sales and responsible for the benefits of living
Groupe Cloutier

What are its accomplishments since she made a career in the insurance industry ?

Claudine has 14 years of experience in the insurance and financial services. It was started in 2004 at Groupe Cloutier. It’s mandate was to support advisors in regards to the benefits of the living. Not having a career plan in specific, she seized the opportunity. In his eyes, the living benefits accounted for the branch the more interesting of the opportunities available in insurance.

Since then, Claudine is a reference in the field. Claudine runs for a year the new division of the Group-Cloutier, Solutions Proteck, which comes in support of the financial security advisors.

Why the insurance and financial services passionate about ?

Claudine strongly believes in the value of the council, despite the changes and challenges currently in the world of insurance and financial services. Internet sales and the robots-advisers will never be able to offer, according to it, a human approach or embody a long-term vision to which the customer can identify with. This is why she wishes to continue to support councillors and increase their knowledge for several more years.

If the advisers cannot prevent people from falling ill, they may at least offer them financial security when illness arrives. It is by giving a amount of money to a customer in need that Claudine feels the true feeling of a duty accomplished. This feeling helps to convince them of the passion for his craft.

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