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The number of complaints to the ChAD has decreased slightly



4 April, 2018 13:30

The number of complaints made by consumers to the Chamber of damage insurance has declined from 10.5% in 2017, » said the agency in its annual report. For the year, 255 cases were registered, compared to 285 in 2016.

Thus, the number of administrative measures has also decreased, from 141 in 2016 129 2017 and the average processing time of complaints has been reduced from seven months to five and a half months. The discipline committee has received 23 formal complaints, while there were 38 in 2016.

Negligence in question

Negligence is the ground of complaint, the most frequently used, cited 152 times, followed by the failure to explain, to inform and advise in 128 case and the attitude in 108 cases. The experts claim that the employment of an insurer are more often the subject of complaints (203) and 165 complaints against brokers.

Incidentally, the number of disciplinary complaints increased from 38 in 2016, 24 in 2017. For representatives, damage insurance, 14.7% of complaints relating to the head of the offence of» having exercised its activities in a way dishonest and/or negligent «. The claims adjusters are the face of the same leader of the offence in 23.1% of the complaints intended for them.

More inspections, fewer gaps

The inspectors of the House have conducted more inspections in 2017 than in 2016, but noted fewer gaps. If 60 inspections were carried out in 2017, 57 have been in 2016, respectively, 287 and 397 gaps. Among these inspections, 46 of which were regular, 6 were in compliance, and 8 irregular.

The greatest number of gaps were identified in firms of 2 to 5 representatives (180 deficiencies) in the 32 inspections having been carried out. An average of 5.5 defaults per firm is registered.

The main deficiencies noted in 2017, which include the complaint handling policy and dispute settlement, the rules concerning the representation, the banners and the advertising, billing and fees, required disclosures, and the registration of notes in the client files.

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