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The Optimum Group raises $ 100,000 for the Fondation du Dr Julien



3 January 2018 10:30

Photo : Freepik

Employees of the Optimum Group have donated $ 100,000 to the Fondation du Dr Julien during his campaign to support the movement of community-based social pediatrics. The Group is committed to the campaign each year in the fall.

«The support from our employees to the Foundation increases every year, but our donations have taken this year, a record of which we are extremely proud of «, stressed Anabelle Blondeau, president and chief operating officer at Optimum Group.

«Over the years, the Optimum Group has become a strong ally of the Foundation. We are excited and deeply touched by the commitment of its employees that continues to grow and by the support of the company, which specializes in linking their donations for the past five years. Thanks to your generosity, we can continue to provide care and services to children from vulnerable backgrounds and their families. The bottom of my heart, thank you ! «, adds Dr. Gilles Julien, president, founder and clinical director of the Fondation du Dr Julien.

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