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The platform APEXA finally operational



9 August 2017 11:30

After many postponements, APEXA, a platform that provides insurers and general agents of security services, management and compliance, is now available online.

The platform was initially expected to be launched at the beginning of last year, but the stakeholders wanted to make the system more attractive to advisors. A new launch date was set for mid-2016, before being again postponed, APEXA announcing that it would take him more time to fine-tune its system, in particular because of problems related to the internal systems of the major insurers.

Property group LOGiQ3, APEXA brings to the commissioning contract and managing the compliance, consistency, accuracy, timeliness and efficiency for stakeholders in the field of insurance, through the platform of systematic follow-up of permits and compliance, which receives the downstream sector.

Four general agents and five insurers

The governance committee of APEXA, composed of representatives of four general agents (Group Financial Horizons, Financial HUB, IDC Worldsource, Solutions PPI), and five insurers (Canada Life, Empire Life, Industrial Alliance, Manulife Financial and Sun Life Financial) invites the advisors assurance people to adopt this platform.

«As the group representing insurers and mgas, we have worked in close collaboration with APEXA in order to take advantage of our expertise and contribute to the development of its platform,» says Julie Martin, assistant vice president, customer Experience at Manulife Financial. It is easy to use, it will reduce the administrative burden for all stakeholders in the sector and help to meet regulatory requirements, ever more numerous in our sector of activity. «

A uniform approach and simplified

Tonya Blackmore, chief executive of the APEXA Corp., welcomes the collaboration with Bluesun. «We have transformed the integration process and compliance consultants by creating a platform which offers a consistent approach and simplifies the management for advisors, insurers and general agents. This is a great achievement and we are very pleased to be made at the stage of deployment within the sector, » she says.

Apexa will now prompt the approximately 85 000 companies and insurance advisors for individuals to register before the end of the year. The integration will continue in 2018.

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