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The Price of Manulife has been awarded to Dr Jean-Pierre Després



April 16, 2018 09:45

Richard Payette, Louis, Arsenault, Dr. Jean-Pierre Després, Dr. Laurette Dubé

TheMcGill University, in association with Manulife , and the Centre for convergence of health and economics McGill University (MCCHE), has handed over the Award to Manulife for the promotion of a healthy active 2018 at Dr. Jean-Pierre Després.

The prize, of a value of$ 50,000 and aims to recognize the work of researchers on the influence of physical activity, nutrition or psychosocial factors on the health and well-being personal.

Fight visceral fat

Dr. Després is recognized for having developed a new method of screening for obesity visceral, is the excessive accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. He has focused his research on the world of work in order to improve the health and lifestyle of thousands of employees to this day.

The doctor is pleased, among other things, the visibility that gives it that price. «There is still a gap between the science that my team and other groups around the world are producing and what is practical in the clinic. I hope that this award will create a bridge between the management and prevention of these diseases societal chronic, and the latest scientific advances», he says.

30 years of experience

A professor in the department of kinesiology of the Faculty of medicine at Laval University, director of research in cardiology at the research centre of theuniversity Institute of cardiology and respirology of Quebec, director of science and innovation of thehealth Alliance Quebec and scientific director of the international research Chair on cardiometabolic risk of Université Laval, the Dr. Després has 30 years of experience in the industry.

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