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The regulators focus on the emissions of cryptomonnaies



25 August 2017 11:30

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The canadian securities administrators (CSA) have recently published the Notice 46-307 of the staff of the CSA, The emissions of cryptomonnaies, which sets out the way in which securities laws may apply to the emissions from a cryptomonnaie, to investment funds in the cryptomonnaies and scholarships for cryptomonnaies.

As a reminder, a cryptomonnaie or currency, crypto is an electronic currency that circulates within a computer network peer-to-peer, and based on the principles of cryptography to validate the transactions and issue the currency itself.

Obligations prospectus and registration

The notice described the factors that the CSA take into account in determining whether the bond prospectus, registration or markets shall apply. It also shows you how the sandbox regulatory CSA can help Fintech who are planning to issue these products, in addition to summarize the main points in which they must discuss with the staff of the CSA.

«New opportunities for capital raising»

«The technology at the origin of the emissions cryptomonnaies allows you to create new opportunities for capital raising for companies, and we welcome this type of innovation, said Louis Morisset, president of the CSA and CEO of theAutorité des marchés financiers. Due to the plethora of activities in this new field, we publish guidance to help Fintech and understanding of the obligations that may apply under securities legislation. «

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