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The Room is of concern to the minister Leitão; 2000 internet users are to inform


Justine Montminy

February 28, 2018 09:45

Carlos J. Leitão | Photo : Denis Méthot

The Chamber of damage insurance has purchased advertisements in several daily newspapers to ask the minister of Finance Carlos J. Leitão to waive its abolition, as provided for in the draft law 141.

This punch pub of the Chamber occurs while the project of act 141 is a detailed study to the Committee on public finance. «The goal of this campaign is to raise consumer awareness of the impact of the draft law on the protection of their heritage,» said Lisane Blanchard, spokesperson for the Chamber in the Journal of the insurance.

This campaign, presented in the form of an open letter addressed to the minister, was published Monday in The Sun, La Presse, le Devoir, le Journal de Montréal and le Journal de Québec. Previously, a campaign asking the minister had been heard on the airwaves of several radio stations in Quebec.

2 000 internet users inform themselves

Following the publication of the letter on Monday morning, nearly 2,000 people have sailed on the link shared by the Bedroom in the text, revealed in the Journal of the insurance his spokesperson Lisane Blanchard. She noted that many consumers have shared their opinion in favour of the maintenance of the Chamber since the start of the campaign.

She has shared some stories with the Journal of insurance, which we reproduce here, in their original format, errors, French included, without the names of the authors, that the Chamber has not disclosed :

• I decided to sign the petition, because I have enough of that we remove things that we are useful, it is.

• A true aberration, the minister of Finance is probably influenced by the firm insurance it’s called lobbying in favor of the insurers and not the general public.

• I am opposed to bill 141. The bill must be think about it and corrected in order to better protect the consumers. This is not the case in its current version.

• It is not necessary to adopt the law 141 this is unacceptable.

• Please keep CHAD for the benefit of consumers. This chart remains the only organization of the control of the agents to whom the customer can consult in complex situations. Even insured to this day an owner must make use of a lawyer in case of litigation, major.the sale of insurance products complex can be sold over the internet. Please take head to this destructive project.

• I think that the room of the insurance of damages is an important protection for consumers, it requires training every year to better serve the consumer.

• I disagree with diminishing the protection of consumers, in addition, in this particular field.

• I am against the abolition of the ChAD which acts as a watchdog in the field of insurance.

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