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The small firms will disappear with the bill 150, say young brokers


Justine Montminy

February 20, 2018 13:30

Carlos J. Leitão | Photo : Denis Méthot

The more the time advance and the Consolidation of the responsibility for the future of the brokerage is concerned about what he hears about bill 150.

According to this group of young dealers, the project of law 150 threatens small firms disappearance. Which will lead to job losses in the regions of Quebec, said he also feared. The Journal of insurance met with its spokesperson Vincent Lemoine, who summarized the concerns of the young dealers group members.

The Consolidation, which has seen the light of day in November, maintains that requiring brokers to provide four quotes from different insurers to a client is a bad idea. It retains its proposal that the broker has access to two general insurers.

«All we can do is become an agent»

«The general insurers do not have the capacity or the willingness to serve all of the brokerage firms. Small firms represent 90 % of total firms. How can we all sign agreements with the four insurers ? It remains for us to become agents. The government gives us no choice, » said Mr. Lemoine, who is also executive vice president of the brokerage firm Assurances Claude Lemoine.

The Grouping added that two other serious consequences are looming if the bill 150 is passed in its current form. First, it will be increasingly difficult to start a business damage insurance brokerage. Then, the concentration in some insurers will accelerate.

«The customer’s interest must prevail. It is wrong to think that to get a number of offers that would improve the quality of these services. The government gives us false solutions and alternatives that are not viable for smaller firms, » says Mr. Lemoine.

Solutions non-viable

The solutions proposed by the government does not agree to the Consolidation. The greater use of the banners will increase the customer experience offered by the broker, » says Mr. Lemoine.

«This would complicate further the transaction, in addition to raising its cost. The insurers will not be able to meet the demand of brokers who pass by the banners. It will not make the insurers suddenly inclined to do business with all the brokers, » says Mr. Lemoine. Access to new contracts of agency is to be classified in the same category, » said the Grouping.

Insurance sales via the Internet

There is not that bill 150 that is of concern to the Grouping. Bill 141, with the measures for the sale of insurance via the Internet, is also a concern to these young brokers, especially if the sale is made without the intervention of a certified representative.

«The insurance products which require the intervention of a certified representative in order that the consumer can understand its insurance policy. We believe that the consumer is exposed to significant risks if not «, says Mr. Lemoine.

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