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The SMES are particularly targeted by cyber attacks in 2018, says Aon



January 9, 2018 13:30

Small and medium-sized enterprises that provide services to international organizations and who use the Internet of things will be the most targeted by cyber attacks in 2018, says the report Forecasts 2018 on cyber security ofAon’s Cyber Solutions.

«In 2018, the international organizations will have to take account of this increased complexity related to the way businesses use the Internet of things in their management of risks caused by third parties «, one can read in the report. Large companies should therefore expect to be «struck down» by an attack on a small supplier or a contractor who target the Internet of things in order to penetrate the network of the organization.

Exposure to cyber risks increased

«In 2018, we expect the increased exposure to cyber risks because of the convergence of three trends : first, the increasing dependence of businesses towards the technology ; second, the increased emphasis of the regulatory authorities to protect consumer data ; and third, the increasing value of assets and non-material. This increased exposure will require the integration of cyber security in the corporate culture and risk management frameworks, » says Jason J. Hogg, chief executive officer of Aon Cyber Solutions.

«Leaders will need to adopt a coordinated approach to the management of cyber risks, in order to allow senior executives to better assess and mitigate risks in all areas of the business. «

Leaders will need to better understand the cyber risks

The report also indicates that companies will subscribe to the policies of cyberassurance separate and measure only when the leaders and boards of directors better understand the cyber risks and the impacts of cyber attacks.

The moment they realize that cyber-attacks cause a reduction of revenue, disruption of operations and of claims incurred against directors and officers, they will cease to rely on the «grandfather clauses» dummy » of the other fonts.

Five major trends

Aon Cyber Solutions has identified five major trends for 2018. First, the firm believes that a new generation of professionals in information technology to better manage cyber risks see the light of day. These new employees will also need to be mobilized to avoid security breaches. Then, that cyber attacks will target businesses, not only for the financial aspect, but also to force them to change their behaviour or cease their operations.

In addition, the entry into force of the law on the mandatory reporting of data breaches in Canada will force organisations to put in place protocols for reporting is appropriate. Finally, the launch and the adoption of other methods of identification and authentication will be necessary to prevent hackers to circumvent the id checks.

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