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Top 21 Fuel-Efficient Vehicles of 2017

When shopping for a new car, everyone has a checklist of requirements that need to be met before making the purchase. There’s also your budget, the cost of auto insurance, and your lifestyle needs to consider. Increasingly more important is fuel-efficiency, because with the average price of gas in Canada hovering at about $1.09 per litre, virtually everyone wants to save money on gas.

If fuel-efficiency is at the top of your car shopping checklist, there are basically two ways you can go:

  • Buy a vehicle that is great on gas. Fewer trips to the pump can mean savings over the lifetime you own the car.
  • Go electric. With charging stations popping up in more public spaces, it’s getting easier to find a charge while you park.
  • Most fuel-efficient vehicles in Canada

    Whichever road you take in your quest to spend less on fuel, Natural Resources Canada (NRC) has come up with a list of 2017’s most fuel-efficient vehicles that may help you narrow down your options. These are best-in-class vehicles with the lowest combined fuel consumption rating, based on 55 per cent city and 45 per cent highway driving.


    Conventional vehicle
    Advanced technology vehicle

    smart fortwo cabriolet

    Fiat 500 Hatchback

    Ford Fiesta SFE
    BMW i3 (60 Ah)

    Toyota Prius c
    Volkswagen e-Golf

    Toyota Prius
    Nissan LEAF

    Ford C-MAX Hybrid
    Tesla Model S 60D/90D

    Station Wagon: Small
    Kia Niro FE
    Chevrolet Bolt EV

    Station Wagon: Mid-size
    Toyota Prius v

    If you’re looking for something larger than a car, the NRC also rates pickups, SUVs and minivans so everyone can make a fuel-efficient choice.

    Light Trucks

    Conventional vehicle
    Advanced technology vehicle

    Pickup Truck: Small
    Chevrolet Colorado
    GMC Canyon

    Pickup Truck: Standard
    Ford F-150

    Sport Utility Vehicle: Small
    Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD

    Sport Utility Vehicle:  Standard
    Lexus RX 450h AWD
    Tesla Model X 75D

    Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

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