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Tornadoes and high winds : the BAC would like to reassure the disaster victims



23 August, 2017 09:45

In a press release published on Wednesday 23 August, the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) wishes to inform policyholders whose homes were damaged by the strong winds that were blowing in several regions of Québec, that the majority of the contracts home and auto insurance cover the damage caused by this type of natural disaster.

Thus, in a first time, the IBC also advises policyholders to contact their insurer or broker in order to open the more quickly a claim. Then, if the residence does not present any danger that could compromise the security of its inhabitants, the insurance Bureau of Canada invites the insured to take certain measures to protect their property and prevent any further damage or risk of contamination.

Among these measures, for example, you should clean the areas affected and the assets exposed to the infiltration of water, to prevent contamination, keep all invoices and all supporting documents relating to expenses incurred, or to document the loss by taking photos or video, if possible.

On the other hand, the damage to the vehicles are covered under the contract of automobile insurance to the extent that the insured has opted for the coverage «All risk «»specific Risk» or » All risks except collision or overturn «.

Due to the diversity of damages, the oca recommends that victims contact their insurer or broker as soon as possible, in order to ascertain the extent of their insurance contract and to trigger the compensation process.

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