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Types of fraudsters


Alain Thériault

March 27, 2018 07:00

The authors of financial crime high-flying share traits common to all fraudsters, they are the big boss of a multinational corporation like Enron , or the individual neighborhood.

Author of a thesis of masters degree on advisors fraudsters at theUniversity of Sherbrooke, Miruna Minea-Burga describes three broad profiles of fraudsters : the natural, the slippery slope, a phrase used in 1981 by researcher Michael Levi to describe the ever-evolving fraudster, the opportunist, often caricatured in Quebec by seller of tanks used.

The fraudster natural

It usually has a criminal background. It is a fraudster career, who often see it interrupted by stays in prison. «The individuals in this group are usually men of middle age or advanced (at the moment they are caught) and repeat offenders. According to them, their victims deserve their fate and if it wasn’t them who had fraudées, someone else would have done ; their victims are so stupid that they were to be stolen, » writes the researcher.

The accomplice

The fraudster accomplice is an individual intermediary, who lacks initiative. It shows him as clever as to deceive the victims of his boss, » whether over the telephone or at the reception «. It mainly takes care of administrative work necessary to the fraud, reports the researcher. «When things get dangerous, it is the group that tends to be the most useful during the persecutions, because it is often the witness or the whistleblower «, she writes about them. Norbourg is a good example, » said Ms. Minea-Burga, where Vincent Lacroix has been able to count on several accomplices.

The evolutionary

From the second group, the one that evolves fraudster has no history. It is rather the person of case a typical yield to pressure. Famous example of this profile, Bernard Madoff is a fraudster modern which has used the method of Ponzi schemes, recalls the researcher. However, he started his career in an honest way. «These are returns that have gone wrong and that the dropping of the performance promised to clients who have pushed to use the invested money of a client to pay another. It was a snowball effect with irretrievable losses, » she wrote.

The opportunist

It fraudera for example on the Internet, or sell used cars, it has declined in the odometer. «None of the individuals of this group do not appear to be scam artist career. They tend to operate the occasions and opportunities available to them in the course of their daily work. «

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