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Ul Mutual is launching two products and makes the bounds of a


Alain Thériault

September 6, 2017 11:30

Alexandre Desbiens, vice-president sales and marketing, individual Insurance and Investment-retirement, at the side of Julie Michaud, senior vice-president of individual Insurance and Investment-retirement.

Ul Mutual has today launched an insurance product temporary 30 years old and a product of critical illness insurance pre-approved, in addition to enhance the limit of insurance of its permanent product.

Its new product temporary 30-year-old adds to its current range of term life insurance. It is renewable in 10 year term life. UV Mutual says its premiums are among the best on the market for volumes of insurance of $ 200,000 and more. The customer can purchase up to two million dollars of insurance and its coverage includes the provision for loss of autonomy, severe, launched in April this year. The product is intended for insured persons of 18 to 55 years of age and a rating of preferred risk is available from 250 000 $.

New product critical illness insurance

Its new product critical illness insurance allows you to the customer to cover for UV Mutual refers to as the three leading causes of death in Canada : cancer, cerebrovascular accidents (STROKE) and heart attacks. He describes the new insurance affordable. It is pre-approved on emissions without additional premium, for clients from 18 to 65 years. The protection ends 70 years and its underwriting requires no medical examination. The product also offers a benefit of $ 1,000 per month during the convalescence, after being diagnosed eligible for a covered illness. It can take up to 24 months.

Without the fluid of up to $ 500,000

Ul Mutual has changed its requirements in terms of pricing on insurance products permanent for customers of 55 years and less. The limit of insurance of the fonts permanent, which can be subscribed to free samples medical automatic goes into effect to $ 500 000. This subscription without withdrawals can be made for volumes of insurance up to $ 500,000, in the 45 years and under, and up to $ 250,000 for the 46 to 55 years of age. The process of issuance of these fonts will be faster, both for clients and for counsellors, as the direct debits are replaced by a telephone interview, adds the insurer.

«A lot of interest in our network»

«We sincerely believe that these initiatives will generate a lot of interest in our network and will consolidate our position in the market «, said about these three new products, Julie Michaud, senior vice-president of individual insurance and investment-retirement. The insurer had reduced significantly the premiums of its other products temporary last spring. According to Mrs Michaud, the increase has borne fruit.

«We feel a craze for UV Mutual, and we believe these new features will improve once more the services of our advisors, allowing them to offer high-quality products at ultra-competitive prices «, she concluded.

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