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Use generic : the industry will have to work twice as hard !


Alain Thériault

22 June 2017 07:00

If she wants to see the generic drugs to be used more, the industry will have to work twice as hard, » says the independent actuary James Hope.

Mr. Hope has presented a retrospective on the use of drugs at an event held by Telus Health on 11 April. It is said that medicines of specialty will weigh more heavily in private pension plans in Québec that the drugs regular, with regards to the insured persons under 65 years of age. And this, in six years. This will make a dramatic impact on the cost of drugs in private insurance plans of almost 80 %, he said.

Mr. Hope has also revealed that the cost of the drug specialty to grow constantly, while representing only a small number of claimants. While 0.9% of the complaints have focused on these drugs in 2016 in Canada, they accounted for 26 % of the costs. In 2008, the medication specialty accounted for 0.5% of complaints and 11 % of the costs.

According to this retrospective, the monthly cost for certificate of insurance increased by an average of 4.1% between 2008 and 2016 in Quebec for less than 65, from $ 75 to $ 104 per. When one eliminates the drugs of a speciality of the equation, this average increase is not more than 1.6 %, drugs, so-called regular being passed in 2008 to an average cost of $ 67 at an average cost of $ 75 in 2016. During this eight year period, the cost of medicine specialty has increased at an average of 16.2 % per year, to settle at $ 28 per certificate, in spite of a very low number of users.

According to data from Telus to 2016, the generic drugs accounted for 62 % of the number of claims in Canada and 59 % in the number of claims in Quebec. For Quebec, it is a notable improvement compared to 2015, while the use of generics reached only 55% of the number of claims. The act 28 in application from October 2015 will have had its effect.

For their part, the single drugs, for which there is no generic, have been in Quebec for 31 % of claims in 2016, and the original drug for which there is a generic, for 10 %. However, the single drugs accounted for two-thirds of the costs. In return, generics accounted for 26 % of the costs, and the original drug for 8 %

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