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«We obstinerons to be a company with a human face» – André Vincent, CEO of Assumption Life


Hubert Roy

28 August 2017 07:00

André Vincent

Innovation will continue to be a strategic axis for Assumption Life. The insurer has also announced its intention to break into the market of collective pension savings, announced its CEO André Vincent in the annual report of the company.

«We will continue to offer new products, such as the new range of products for individual insurance without a medical requirement that we have launched. Aware that our customers have preferences that are changing, we have put the course on digital technologies and alternative distribution channels in order to respond to them when they want and how they want it. We have optimized the notions of convenience and proximity in order to have new access points to reach the consumers, » says Mr Vincent.

Assumption Life has also been examined in the course of 2016, by which means it could improve the customer experience to the maximum. «In 2017, the quality of the experience will be at the heart of our priorities. We will focus our efforts on the skills, confidence, and relationships in the long term. And even with the advent of social media, digital technologies and alternative channels, we obstinerons to be a company with a human face, who knows how to personalize its products and services to the needs of customers «, said Mr. Vincent.

Mr. Vincent added that it will have the concern to ensure that Assumption Life is the good deeds in the future. «An excellent transformation is only possible with an implementation flawless. We expect to strengthen our strategic partnerships, accelerate our speed of execution in the market and get our new customer experience vision. We will also be more choice to customers so that they can better communicate and work with us, to affirm our presence in a line of business that we want to develop : the collective pension savings. We are optimistic about this future is actually in our hands and that leaves us with considerable growth opportunities. »

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