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Who are you to your client ?



15 August 2017 07:00

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The summer is nearing its end. The holidays are a thing of the past. Already we épluchons the list of effects in school, for those of us who have children. It was only yesterday that we were celebrating the arrival of the terraces and the relaxation that goes with it. But, already, it is necessary to get back into fashion business.

The most dedicated have never dropped the pace. For those who have been less diligent this summer, here are a few ideas for you to remind your customers.

1. Cleaning

Your Web site is up-to-date ? Your page Facebook professional; is that correct ? This is a good time to review it all.

If your photo dates from ten years ago, it would be time to take a new one. You could rewrite the text describing what you are doing, as well as the vision of your company.

Check your phone numbers, as well as your contact contacts. Nothing more frustrating to a customer than arriving on your site and find inaccurate information !

Take this opportunity also to bring some order in your contact list. Remove the email addresses are inaccurate and the accounts Facebook inactive. Your list will be as well effective and better targeted.

2. Think «Back to school»

Everyone likes to take advantage of a promotion. Even though your services are not of the type » 2 for 1 «, consider creating a bid for the comeback, that this is a meeting focused specifically on the funding councils of higher education. A meeting of type 5 to 7, RESP. A special meeting for an update of the «post-vacation» for those who may have lost the thread of their finances this summer.

Let go of your brain and think about what your customer may have as a concern at the return of summer. You’ll have a good reason to contact them via an email campaign or a campaign on Facebook. Your response rates will be higher.

3. Go on a campaign… Facebook !

Facebook is the best way to make the advertising cost low. For the modest sum of one dollar per day, you can reach out to a broader range of people. You have the option to choose your audience and segment it according to your goals : age, region, profession, campaign, like, webinar, tracking on your Web site, etc, Use the event or promotion that you have imagined previously to create a campaign that will allow you to reach people who would not be on your list of contacts or friends of your page.

Put the collar back on after a break vacation is not always easy. A few small gestures-targeted and a little bit of imagination you will have a visible impact and leave the machine for another beautiful season.

You have neither the time, nor the taste, nor the skills to do it yourself ? Several experts can give you a hand. Do as the great CEO : delegate, delegate, delegate, delegate and delegate !


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