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The Last Jedi and Life Insurance

The Last Jedi is making its way into theaters this week, and the hardcore Star Wars fans at Quotacy have quite a few questions they’d like answered. Who’s the last Jedi: Luke or Rey, or both? Who are Rey’s real parents? What are Finn and Poe going to be doing while Rey is training with Luke? When will everyone’s favorite character, Jar Jar Binks, make his triumphant return?

And, for us, the most important question of all…

< Spoiler Warning for The Force Awakens >

Did Han have a life insurance policy in place when Kylo Ren killed him?

Wait, that’s not the question you want answered? Well, for life insurance nerds like us, this is half the fun of watching movies!

Let’s do a quick thought experiment and assume that Han Solo did have a life insurance policy at the time of his death.

Han’s death involves his entire family. Between the strained relationship with his son, the divorce from Leia, and the murder charge of his son killing him, any galactic life insurance carrier would be tearing their hair out if a claim like this came in. I can’t imagine how an ex-trade federation bookie would be able to untangle it.

Typically, the beneficiaries for a life insurance policy are set when the policy is put in place, but they can be changed later with a little bit of paperwork. Since many people purchase life insurance policies when their children are born, I think it’s likely that Han bought his policy while he was still married to Leia, shortly after the birth of their son, Ben.

Even if he did have a life insurance policy, that still leaves questions that J.J. Abrams didn’t see fit to answer during Episode 7; questions that life insurance nerds like us are salivating over. We assume that they just didn’t make the final cut.

Did Han Solo change his beneficiaries when Ben turned to the dark side?

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