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Life Insurance 

Why You Should Buy Life Insurance

If you are considering buying life insurance, you probably have a reason. Something in your life triggered you to think about why you might need a life insurance policy. There are many reasons to buy and if you are doing your research, you are coming to that conclusion.

Does everyone need life insurance? Honestly, no. If you are young, have no debt and no one financially depends on you, then you don’t have a reason to buy life insurance. Do most people need life insurance? Yes.

There are many factors that motivate people to buy life insurance. Let’s look at some of these common life events.

You are pregnant or having another child

Having a family increases your need to own life insurance. Your first instinct is to protect your family and one way is to financially protect your loved ones. Life insurance can offer the financial support for your family if you were to die. Your family’s standard of living doesn’t need to change and your spouse can use the money to take time off from work and even send the children to college. If you want more information on parents and the need for life insurance, our

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