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Allegations of secular and passionate taste during Jackson National word (2 letters)

Kimberly Funchess, left, and LaTonya Ford are dual of a 7 plaintiffs in a secular taste lawsuit opposite Jackson National Life Insurance Company. The dual women, who were tip performers in their divisions, both mislaid their jobs after being eliminated to a Denver offices.

Re: “Racial and passionate taste purported during Denver life word company,” Jan. 23 news story.

I was confounded and frightened to review about a allegations of secular and passionate taste holding place during Jackson National Life Insurance Company. The association and employees concerned in such uncivilized, demoralizing function should be slapped with a many serious punishment accessible underneath a laws. Those who have bought word should mislay their resources and take their business elsewhere. There is no forgive for such behavior, and a toleration should be zero.

The Women’s Mar on Saturday clearly demonstrated that we are fed adult with unsymmetrical probity and a miss of polite rights for all. If these claims are true, I’d like to see a association sealed down totally and those who have gifted taste offering jobs elsewhere in companies that will conclude their talents, skills and diversity. Those guilty need to take a spin on their knees vagrant for forgiveness.

Mariann Storck, Wheat Ridge

Re: “Trump is a customary dispatcher of a bullying extremist plan of a past,” Jan. 22 minute to a editor.

Letter-writer Steve Kaeuper succinctly countered Peter Bruno’s Jan. 18 letter, that settled that it was Democrats who fought opposite formation in a South. It is critical that a contribution are put out there about Nixon’s Southern plan to interest to Southern racists in a Democratic Party after a 1964 and 1965 Voting Rights Acts, so branch a South into a Republican stronghold, hostile a voting and personal rights of black American citizens. Fifty years later, it’s time we come together to conflict all injustices.

And yet, currently we review that black employees during Jackson National Life Insurance Company are suing for secular and passionate taste right here in Denver. These and other chronological causes of taste via a United States are accurately because women and group were marching in a streets of Denver on Saturday.

Janet Johnson, Golden

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