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Allianz PNB Life: Filipino families need to tighten P1.17-million ‘protection gap’

THE new GDP expansion formula and a confident expansion projections for a nation in a entrance year continue to accelerate a Philippines’s repute as one of a region’s mercantile tigers.

With a administration set to benefaction a socioeconomic blueprint, Allianz PNB Life Insurance Inc. CEO Olaf Kliesow pronounced a country’s expansion movement should be upheld by investments in adequate financial protection.

“With a Philippines approaching to say a position as a fastest-growing economy in Southeast Asia, it is even some-more needed that families have a adequate financial support and word they need. Families in a Philippines continue to face a hazard of estimable financial hardship should a breadwinner pass away, that we impute to as a ‘protection gap’,” Kliesow said.  “In a Philippines this word opening is estimated to be during P24 trillion [$480 billion], or P1.17 million per household. This financial instability is worrisome, as it creates Filipino families exposed to life events, such as vicious illnesses.”

Allianz PNB Life Insurance now offers several word solutions, that include:

  • Diversify Peso—a regular-pay, whole-life process that allows investors to deposit in supports while enjoying a confidence of word word value during slightest 5 times a simple annual unchanging premium;
  • Optimum Gold—a peso-denominated, single-pay whole life unit-linked plan; and
  • Optimum Green—a US Dollar-denominated single-pay whole-life unit-linked plan.

Kliesow pronounced Allianz PNB Life Insurance Inc. is looking into expanding a portfolio to embody some-more health and microinsurance products to assistance Filipinos revoke a word gap. He pronounced such measures are essential for Filipinos to means their financial gains.

“Despite a certain macroeconomics, usually one in 3 Filipinos have a bank account. Filipino families need to be means to acquire viable alternatives for protection, nutritious them by pivotal milestones or astonishing events,” Kliesow said. “Through a partnership with PNB, we wish a life and health-insurance imagination and their believe of a Philippine marketplace would assistance us yield some-more Filipinos with a believe and collection they need to secure a improved destiny for their families.”

Allianz PNB Life Insurance Inc. (Allianz PNB Life) has been in Philippines given 2001. After a array of acquisitions and renaming, a new joint-venture association was renamed Allianz PNB Life following Allianz’s merger of 51 percent in PNB Life Insurance Co.  The association has been ranked among a tip 10 life-insurance companies by new business any year from 2011 to 2014 and is a heading provider of investment-linked word plans, complemented by a apartment of individual- and group-protection products. Allianz PNB Life now has over 100 employees and 400 financial advisors and sales managers with 10 sales offices nationwide.

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