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Column: Year finish isn’t finish but an HR audit

Douglas Pepin

Human Resources can get a bit bustling during a 4th entertain with Open Enrollment combined to all a other HR duties and, of course, pulling off (without indeed enjoying) a requisite holiday party. Once a celebration is over, many HR professionals only wish to resume a indispensable normal gait with a commencement of a new year, that of march isn’t probable and doesn’t happen. It’s now time to examination a annals from a prior year.

Just like each other department, HR and payroll should be conducting a year-end examination for a advantage of a employees and a company. Here are a few suggestions for year-end.

Human resources:

• Verify a home residence for all employees. You would be astounded during how many employees pierce though notifying their employers. Now that approach deposition is so rarely used and compensate is sent directly to a employee’s account, a employer might never know about an residence change.

• Reconcile all vacation, ill time and paid time off balances for year-end payout or carryover. Employers should examination their process and assure all time is paid or converted properly. Depending on how time off is accrued, this might turn really treacherous any other time of a year.

• Remind employees to record an nice W-4 if there has been a change in their filing status, exemptions, etc. This might be something employees don’t see as critical until they are fined for non-compliance.


• Reconcile primer checks to annual totals. Review non-system primer check entries to safeguard they were posted scrupulously in a payroll system.

• Send reminders to employees to determine a Social Security series and residence on their compensate stub. If there is ever a information entrance mistake to avoid, it’s a mistake entering someone’s Social Security number. Taking a few mins each year could save hours and hours of work if a mistake is ever made.

• Review taxable border advantages that contingency be posted into payroll for W-2 reporting. Please note that some advantages are deliberate taxable income.

• Don’t forget to constraint all information (such as personal use of association car, relocation, bonuses, third-party ill pay, etc.). These might also have taxation ramifications.

• Create a list of superb checks to safeguard we approve with state escheat laws (unclaimed skill laws).


• Verify stream worker and contingent coverage is accurate. This examination is indispensable to determine open enrollment information in further to ensuring possibly an enrollment form or waiver was finished for all authorised employees and their dependents.

• Verify a placement of new health/dental word cards. This might be a shortcoming of a carrier, though it is value checking. Employees can get really dissapoint when they try to use their word and are denied.

• Compile census information for rarely compensated retirement devise testing. Ensure caps are set on a rarely compensated employees.

• Review list of that employees have life word over $50,000 to news income for taxable organisation tenure life insurance. Not doing this could outcome in nice taxation filings for both a worker and employer.

• Verify flex spending comment balances to endorse employees will have a sum volume deducted by finish of calendar year. A common mistake is not verifying a series of tangible compensate durations in a year.

There are a good series of additional mandate on notifying employees and/or their dependents in courtesy to health insurance. Some of these notices are a shortcoming of a word company, while others are a shortcoming of a employer. Some examples are a receipt of these documents: Summary Plan Description (SPD), Summary of Material Modifications (SMM), Summary Annual Report (SAR), Explanation of Benefits (EOB), Woman’s Health and Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA) Notice, COBRA Initial Notice, COBRA Notice and Election Form, HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices, etc.

I would rarely advise deliberating this with your health word conduit annually to safeguard all notice responsibilities are tangible and carried out. You might wish to cruise creation a checklist for all a HR dialect responsibilities in some form of correspondence tracker that will forewarn we in allege to report compulsory dates and afterwards symbol when a charge was completed. Remember a explanation of correspondence is a shortcoming of a employer.

Douglas R. Pepin is a business consultant and owners of Advise-HR LLC in Stillwater. He has some-more than 25 years handling business tellurian resources departments. Learn some-more during or 651-888-1113.

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