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Galaxy Nexus No Flash Support

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No peep on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus:

With Europeans enjoying a new recover of a clearly many desired Samsung Galaxy Nexus, we consternation how many a miss of support for Flash mobile that is offering on Google’s new handling system: “Ice cream sandwich” is going to impact any new smartphone models adoption rate when users realize that things will be somewhat singular for a duration while several technology, manufacturers, publishers, advertisers and calm creators locate adult to a destiny of HTML5, and standards are widely adopted.

UPDATE – ICS Will get Flash Support, though final version

Samsung Galaxy Nexus No Flash Support

HTML 5 a destiny of a web experience:

We all know that anything that Flash can do HTML5 can do a same if not better. This now however is not apparent to many people as many energetic mobile calm is now usually constructed with peep players in mind, and HTML5 equivalents are arguably utterly common by and vast during a moment.

I privately consider it is good news that Samsung have left a Apple track and forced some change rather than let old-fashioned record dawdle on ad-infinitum as a flay of Internet Explorer did for many web designers, utterly since that dratted Microsoft association refused to make a decent browser that upheld a accumulation of standards, in that box it took Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome to make people realize an choice was there that was many nicer and safer to use, oh approbation and a authorised landmark box that stopped pronounced Microsoft from peddling each Windows formed mechanism complement on a face of a world during squeeze with a dreaded I.E family of “browsers”.

Could battery life be a reason to embankment Flash?

One of Apples large gripes with Flash was that it was a energy inspired savage and with battery life issues pervading a smartphone and inscription market, we consternation if Samsung’s issues with battery life in a Samsung S2 might have utterly a large lean to finally go full sow for a HTML5 choice for energetic content, that in speculation should be easier on battery drain.

Google do not order out Flash in a destiny for Ice cream sandwich:

According to a news in Slashgear:

”Flash hasn’t been expelled for ICS nonetheless so as distant as we know, Adobe will support Flash for ICS.”

So it seems a small ghastly as to what will and cannot be expelled on ICS, though for now, buyers of a Galaxy Nexus will not be means to entrance Flash calm as they might have expected. We usually consternation if this is a preference builder for many users or usually those who are a small some-more perfectionist on a record that is contained within their dear smartphones?

Do tell all people?

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