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How to Save on Medicare Supplement Insurance

I’m spending roughly $3,000 per year for medigap Plan F. Can we save income by switching to another plan?

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Probably. There’s a outrageous cost operation for Medicare addition word (medigap) policies, and we might be means to cut your premiums by switching to another plan. But your options might be singular depending on your health and a state where we live.

Even yet any medigap devise with a same minute nomination provides a same coverage, a cost can change a lot by insurer. A 65-year-old male could compensate from $1,092 to $6,519 in 2016 for Plan F (the many renouned plan), depending on a insurer, according to Weiss Ratings, that provides financial-strength ratings for insurers and information about medigap plans. Those are national figures, yet prices can still change a lot within a same zip code.

But switching to another process can be formidable given insurers in many states can assign we more, levy a watchful duration or reject we for coverage formed on your health if some-more than 6 months have upheld given we sealed adult for Medicare Part B. However, we might be means to switch to a lower-cost devise after that initial enrollment duration in certain circumstances.


Apply for a new process if you’re healthy. Even yet medigap insurers can assign we some-more given of your age and health in many states, we might validate for a new process if you’re comparatively immature and healthy. “We’ve worked with people who were healthy and not too distant past age 65, and they could get a new medigap plan,” says Aaron Tidball, manager of a Allsup Medicare Advisor, that helps people with their Medicare decisions. “But some word companies won’t even pronounce to someone over age 70.”

Most state word departments list prices for medigap policies accessible in their area (see for links to your state word department) or list insurers we can hit to get cost quotes. Or we can get a personalized news from Weiss Ratings for $99 display all of your medigap options.

Find out if your insurer will let we switch to a rebate costly policy. Some insurers will let we switch to a rebate extensive process though medical underwriting. If we have medigap Plan F, for example, your insurer might let we switch to a high-deductible Plan F though new underwriting. The normal reward for normal Plan F is $2,293 for a 65-year-old man, yet a normal cost of a high-deductible chronicle is $668. In lapse for a reduce premium, however, you’ll have to compensate a $2,180 deductible out of slot before any advantages flog in. You can come out forward if we have few medical expenses, yet we might have incomparable out-of-pocket costs as we get older, when it might be some-more formidable to switch to a opposite plan.

You might also be means to save income with some newer policies, if your insurer lets we switch. Plan N, for example, provides identical coverage to Plan F, yet we contingency compensate a $166 annual Medicare Part B deductible, a $20 co-payment for any medicine revisit and $50 for any emergency-room visit. The normal cost of Plan N for a 65-year-old male is $1,548 per year, according to Weiss Ratings. You’ll come out forward if we have few visits to a alloy and puncture room.


Before we switch to a opposite plan, calculate either a reward rebate is value a potentially additional expenses, generally as we get comparison and might have some-more health issues. See a Medicare Rights Center’s medigap table for a list of what any minute devise covers.

Find out if your state has special manners to let we switch policies. In New York, for example, we can switch medigap policies during any time regardless of your health. Most state word departments have buyer’s guides explaining a manners for switching skeleton and a prices by insurer. The New York Department of Financial Services, for example, has a consumer guide to Medicare addition policies explaining a rules, inventory a insurers and that skeleton they offer, and including a frequently updated list of monthly premiums from any insurer for any plan.

You might be means to change skeleton during certain times. In Missouri, for example, we can switch to another insurer’s chronicle of a minute devise we now have on a anniversary of your process renovation date, says Tidball. In California, we can switch to a lower-level process within 30 days of your birthday though medical underwriting. Check with your state’s word dialect for a manners where we live. You can also get assistance from your state health word assistance module (SHIP); see for hit information by state and city.

You might also be means to get a medigap process though medical underwriting underneath certain other circumstances, such as if your insurer leaves a business or if you’re switching from a Medicare Advantage devise in certain cases. See When Can we Buy Medigap? during for some-more information.

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