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McDonald’s Brings Back Mighty Wings

Editors’ pick: Originally published Apr 28.

McDonald’s (MCD) mightiest duck wings are back.

A association mouthpiece told TheStreet that McDonald’s recently brought behind Mighty Wings as a limited-time charity during 285 restaurants via Atlanta. The bone-in duck wings, with a rather sharp breading, are accessible until mid-June. Even if this exam is successful, Mighty Wings are not expected to turn a permanent object on a menu given their high squeeze cost, according to a source. Their price has not yet been disclosed.

Mighty Wings have a mottled story for a Golden Arches. The product creatively launched in 1990, though had been taken off a menu in 2003. 

McDonald’s re-introduced Mighty Wings in Sep 2013 nationally after a year of testing, and they were a colossal failure as consumers shunned them since of their extra sharp breading and costly price. The association was forced to bonus millions of wings in sequence to work by additional inventory. They were private from a menu, usually to lapse for a limited-time in Detroit final summer. 

Fried duck wings are a latest in a array of product tests for McDonald’s as franchisees, that now have some-more artistic control over their menus, demeanour to piquancy adult sales. 

McDonald’s said Wednesday it started to exam Chicken McNuggets with no synthetic preservatives in 140 stores in Oregon and southwest Washington in March. 

The new McNugget is still done with 100% white-meat chicken, no synthetic flavors or colors and a company’s signature seasonings and crispy breading. But a ones being tested in Portland have no synthetic preservatives.

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