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Nayzak provides animation-enthusiasts with all a collection indispensable to rise their skills
(Photo from Nayzak Animation School)

By Hadeel Hegazi

Animation is not an easy art to learn, there are really few schools in Egypt that learn a technique. However, recently, a Nayzak Animation School non-stop a doors and it offers a extensive curriculum in a art of animation that aims to spin amateurs into professionals and foster a attention in Egypt.

“We have been organising a calm of a courses and a venue for a final dual months, and we chose as a domicile a El-Maarefa Centre,” pronounced Kany Kany, one of a managers of a school. The choice of plcae was commanded by a space indispensable for a apparatus a centre provides for a students and a pleasing environment of a villa, that has a garden.

Nayzak has set itself high goals: “Our prophesy is to emanate a village of veteran artists and animators that will be means to lift a standards of a Egyptian animation attention to no reduction than world-class levels,” as described on their website.

“We had a Nayzak animation studio, by that we worked in a margin of advertising,” Kany said, “We found that many people who work in this margin are not efficient enough, that is because we suspicion of formulating a school.”

Nayzak focuses on formulating animation artists that will be means to use their believe professionally. “The propagandize offers several courses, starting from a simple information about a art for beginners, going brazen with them bit by bit compartment they strech a modernized level, so that they can finally work with us during a studio”, Kany said.

The initial march a propagandize starts with is  Animation 101, and it is all about a primary information indispensable for a entrance courses. “Students by a finish of this march will be reserved organisation projects and a successful ones will be means to enroll for a subsequent course”, Kany said.

The Animation 102 will be endangered with 3D, and Animation 103 will concentration on modernized animation. The march will cover 2D animation aspects from story to techniques by unsentimental work as good as theories. “Fundamentals of Drawing procedure is offering in a early classes of this march to yield we with a substructure sketch skills compulsory to tarry  this course”, review a march outline on a propagandize website.

Kany explained that there is a really tough criteria for selecting a school’s instructors: “Ahmed Madbol, a Animation 101 march instructor, has 12 years of knowledge as an animator, and has been given awards from several festivals endangered with 2D animation projects.”

Kany also pronounced that a propagandize board’s categorical regard was removing animators who are good teachers and competent professionals, so Ahmed Madboly was a really suitable choice.

Even yet a propagandize is utterly recently founded, it has seen a good series of applicants. “When people review about a march content, they see how a propagandize process is opposite and beneficial, and that’s because a lot of people request for a course,” Kany explained.

“Traditional animation courses learn people courses endangered with regulating animation in a veteran globe and not as an art, though Nayzak animation propagandize adopts a opposite curriculum by focusing on a artistic side of animation; we aspire to emanate a era of veteran animators who will means to work for themselves in a future. Not usually will they be means to contest with a tellurian standards, though also supplement to a art”, pronounced Kany.

More information can be found on their Facebook page, Nayzak Animation School.

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