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  • Credit and Divorce
  • Tax-Efficiency and Retirement
  • How Small Businesses Can Capitalize on Tax Return Spending
  • Is Your Smart TV Watching You?
  • Louis Vuitton Missed Joke From Parody Handbag Maker


  • Reporter – MarketWatch
  • Reporter – The Bond Buyer
  • Reporter, Industrials – The Wall Street Journal


  • 10 Steps to Take Your Blog Audience From Fling to Long-Term Commitment
  • SEO for Bloggers: 4 Ways to Boost Your Relationship With Search Engines
  • Blog Profiles: Over-40 Blogs



Credit and Divorce
Rod Griffin
Director of Public Education
While many are formulation regretful Valentine’s Day dates, many other Americans are singular and newly divorced this year. Griffin is accessible to plead how couples should have open and honest conversations before and during a matrimony to assistance lead them to a happily financially ever after: «It’s critical for couples to plead finances before observant ‘I do,’ and to promulgate frequently. Couples should also make certain they determine when it comes to financial practices, such as budgeting and how to implement credit via a marriage. Individually, any partner should make certain to be intent with a domicile finances so they can strengthen themselves and their resources if a attribute ends.»
Griffin can also plead a regulation of an Experian investigate of recently divorced consumers on how finances played a purpose in their matrimony — and their divorce — as good as a financial repercussions of divorce. Some tip findings: 59% of divorcees surveyed contend that finances played during slightest «somewhat» of a purpose in their divorces; 36% contend their spouse’s credit measure was a source of highlight in a marriage; a normal financial detriment reached scarcely $20,000 (in money and assets); 39% contend a financial detriment from their divorce done them never wish to marry again.
Contact: Corynne Randel,

Tax-Efficiency and Retirement
Richard Myerson, CPA, CLU, ChFC
President, CEO
The Myerson Agency
With another taxation deteriorate on us, some Americans will find themselves overdue jaw-dropping amounts, withdrawal them with reduction for a future. Myerson can plead a minimization of estate taxes and finish tax-efficiency by privately designed resources accumulation vehicles: «The impact of income taxes is presumably a biggest risk we face on a ability to retire in comfort — larger than marketplace volatility, inflation, and object value erosion. Investors can and should find tax-efficient alternatives to competent retirement plans. Such alternatives embody regulating life word for long-term investment formulation and object accumulation. Cash value life word has come a prolonged approach given a days of Ordinary Whole Life. Today, there are several opposite options to amass resources inside a life word ‘wrapper,’ including a technique called Maximum Funded Equity Indexed Life Insurance, that delivers forlorn long-term regulation while mitigating risk and gripping costs and losses comparatively low.»
Myerson founded Los Angeles-based The Myerson Agency in 1994. He was recently featured in a U.S. News World Report essay deliberating a drawbacks of life settlements, privately in propinquity to taxation (
Contact: Dani Miles,

How Small Businesses Can Capitalize on Tax Return Spending
George Csahiouni
Co-founder, Managing Director
TransMerit Merchant Services
Like any «holiday,» tiny businesses should see a spike in sales these subsequent few months as consumers spend their taxation refunds. By formulating efficiencies by their remuneration estimate solutions, these businesses are staid to gain on this spike. Csahiouni can plead a significance of preparation: «A lot of small-business owners mostly suspend until after Tax Day to ascent their businessman estimate and POS systems. In waiting, they’re blank out on a additional income that comes with a season. Small businesses should ask themselves questions like, ‘What collection am we regulating to distinction from this increase?’ and, ‘Is my depot delayed to function?'»
Csahiouni is a co-founder of TransMerit Merchant Services, a Los Angeles-based businessman services association specializing in estimate solutions for tiny to mid-sized businesses.
Contact: Dani Miles,

Tips for Entrepreneurs during National Entrepreneurship Week
Arthur «AJ» Merrill
Business Consultant, Attorney, and Professor
Argosy University, Atlanta
National Entrepreneurship Week celebrates entrepreneurs and tiny businesses opposite the United States, providing support and resources to assistance entrepreneurs be successful in their endeavors. Arthur Merrill is accessible to plead entrepreneurship, charity tips for budding entrepreneurs. Merrill states: «Often entrepreneurs start out with a lot of passion. But if we don’t build in elements to what we’re doing that will means that passion, it will be formidable to keep caring. Add definition to what we are doing. Public advantage aspects of your business are a good approach to do this! Build in a approach that a business gets people concerned in doing good things together for others and any other.»
Contact: Carole Carr, or +1-404-563-2824

Is Your Smart TV Watching You?
Andrew J. Hacker
Cybersecurity Expert in Residence
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
Smart televisions have focus program that let them do some-more than usually change a channel, like bond to a Internet, apps or even your phone. Those TVs also keep lane of your observation habits: what we were clicking, what channels we were watching, how prolonged we watch them. Says Hacker: «You would wish that information is usually used for your advantage to suggest new TV shows, cinema or even products we competence be meddlesome in, instead of stuffing a companies’ wallets. These companies are keepers of your information, so they should be safeguarding it, though that’s not always a case. Vizio was recently strike with charges for tracking that information on 11 million TVs and offered it, but a viewers’ agreement, to a top bidder. The record is so modernized in many of a intelligent TV array that it can pinpoint accurately what you’re examination and when, down to a second. What you’re watching, what you’re doing during a certain time of a day, either you’re there, either you’re during work — it could be used to mistreat you. «
Hacker is cybersecurity consultant in chateau during Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Pennsylvania. He is a former emissary arch information certainty officer for a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where, for 6 years, he upheld a Enterprise Information Security Office in handling information security. He has worked for vast information record thought-leaders and use providers such as VeriSign, Verizon Business, and ATT, and has a low bargain of craving certainty technologies, architecture, process and governance. He has authored editorials appearing in publications, such as Network World, Information Week, and Help Net Security. Hacker binds countless courtesy certifications, including Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP), Certified Government Chief Information Officer (CGCIO), and is a former Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCI QSA).
Contact: Steve Infanti,

Louis Vuitton Missed Joke from Parody Handbag Maker
Chris Schwegmann
Intellectual Property Attorney
Lynn Pinker Cox Hurst in Dallas
Louis Vuitton’s heading transgression fit opposite My Other Bag over an inexpensive board receptacle bag was tossed out of justice when a decider pronounced it was transparent a satire bag wasn’t a standard knockoff copy. Says Schwegmann: «This box is really opposite from many tawdry litigation. Just by looking during them, a products sole by My Other Bag are clearly not Louis Vuitton bags. That is partial of a joke. This is lawsuit is a cautionary story that heading holders need to collect and select their targets carefully. Sometimes by suing, we pierce some-more courtesy to a purported infringer, and in this case, it seems that Louis Vuitton is a boundary of a joke. There are several examples of heading holders promulgation stupid stop and terminate letters, usually to have a movement explode on them in a really open way.»
Contact: Holly Scimeca,



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