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Western State Colorado University boss denies creation discriminatory remarks during reign during Denver life …

Western State Colorado University boss Greg Salsbury has been indicted in a sovereign lawsuit of creation discriminatory remarks about black employees when he was executive clamp boss of a vast word association with offices in Denver.

According to a sovereign polite taste lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Denver, Salsbury allegedly settled that an Atlanta satellite bureau of Jackson National Life Insurance Company was changed to Denver in 2007 given a workman pool in Atlanta was too black.

Salsbury, who has led Western State given Apr 2014, is roving and not accessible for comment, according to a matter expelled by his bureau Wednesday. The matter refers to a prior essay by The Denver Post.

WWII Veteran William Hardin, Navy 75th Seabees
Dr. Greg Salsbury, left, Western State Colorado University, has been named in a Jackson National Life Insurance Company lawsuit.

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“Within a article, there is a quote attributed to per an purported discriminatory preference by a association some 10 years ago. Greg has been suggested by Jackson authorised warn not to criticism on a matter while lawsuit is pending,” a matter says. “To be clear, a allegations are opposite Jackson, not Greg Salsbury.”

Lawyers from a U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit opposite Jackson final year. In it, 7 plaintiffs, all black, indicted Jackson supervisors, including Salsbury, of creation discriminatory remarks. The Jackson employees explain they were customarily demeaned, denied promotions and bonuses and dismissed when they complained. The plaintiffs are seeking behind pay, punitive indemnification and destiny mislaid wages, according to filings by EEOC attorneys and private Denver attorneys Brian Moore, Lynn Feiger and Justin Plaskov.

On Mar 17, 2015, a EEOC found illusive means that Jackson, that has some-more than 5,000 employees and is headquartered in Lansing, Mich., discriminated opposite black and womanlike employees in recruitment, graduation and hiring. The lawsuit also claims passionate discrimination.

Salsbury is not privately named as a suspect in a lawsuit, though a censure recounts a matter he allegedly done per a reason Jackson changed an bureau from Atlanta in 2007. At a time, Salsbury was executive clamp boss of placement for Jackson.

When dual of a plaintiffs asked Salsbury about requesting for outmost wholesaler openings, he allegedly replied that “it was unheard of for black employees to make over $100,000.”

Salsbury warranted a master’s grade in communication government from a University of Illinois and a doctorate in organizational communication from a University of Southern California. He also warranted a bachelor’s grade in debate communication and psychology during Southern Illinois University.

Salsbury worked for Jackson National Life Insurance Company for 17 years. While there, he was also a conduct of sales and informal attorney play channels and comparison clamp boss of apparatus development, according to Western State records.

Salsbury has also created dual books: “Retirementology – Rethinking a American Dream in a New Economy, But What if we Live?” and “The American Retirement Crisis.”

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