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What a Trump Presidency Means for Senior Citizens

Exactly what legislation will be fast-tracked underneath a President Trump and upheld by a GOP majorities in a Senate and House is a naught — nobody knows. But experts are prepared with guesses about how a Trump administration will impact seniors.

A lot of people are impacted. Seniors series 46.2 million — that’s 14.5% of a U.S. race — and each day, 10,000 people spin 65. Their large issues are plain: Medicare, Social Security, taxes — radically bread and butter concerns. And a lot a boss does, or doesn’t do, will impact many seniors. They really have a vested seductiveness in meaningful that approach a breeze blows with President-elect Trump, himself a comparison and a Baby Boomer. Does he share their interests?

Understand, a lot of this is guesswork. That’s since «we have not seen a whole lot that is petrify from Trump,» pronounced Brigid Harrison, a domestic scholarship highbrow during Montclair State in New Jersey. She combined that a design would come into a crook concentration as Trump names appointees to pivotal jobs and also elaborates on his tip priorities.

But about some think there already is certainty.

The estate tax will expected vanish. Trump has regularly pronounced he wants it to end. As it stands, it relates usually to estates valued during over $5.45 million; they are slapped with adult to a 40% taxation bill. But usually 2 in 1,000 estates tumble underneath this law (0.02%). Even so, pronounced Jo-Renee Formicola, a highbrow of domestic scholarship during Seton Hall University in New Jersey, «The ‘death tax’ is essential to seniors.»

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